Pinstripe Trousers

2 Solids Ways to Wear Pinstripe Trousers

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? I’ve seen so many male fashion bloggers pinstripe trousers on Tumblr or Pinterest that I’ve been wanting them myself. Thankfully, Zara came out with a pair this season that I bought recently!

To be honest, I bought this pair of pinstripe trouser two weeks ago in a size that, sadly, didn’t not fit me (I’m a 29 waist, but my thighs are getting bigger due to working out. #BigBootyGoals). I had to go a size up in order for them to go over my thighs. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I have the right size.

My only issue with this pinstripe trouser is that it’s made for someone a little taller than me. I’m only 5’9″ and when I put them on, it fit weird in the crotch area and thighs. I felt like the only way to make it work was to fit them around the waist and cuff the bottoms more to fit my stature. Otherwise, I’d look like someone’s child trying to wear a grown man’s pinstripe trouser. LOL.

What I do love about the pinstripe trousers are the diverse way to style them. In these two looks, one I added some color for the top I wore because I wanted create a spring look that could work for an evening out for dinner. The second look is more business casual and ready to go to grab a cocktail with some friends.

I’m happy that I’ve finally grabbed a pair of pinstripe trousers to add to my wardrobe. Let’s just hope my thighs and booty are able to fit them for awhile before they no longer fit. Until then, I’m going to wear them as much as possible.

What’s in your shopping cart that you’ve been keeping your eye on?

Pinstripe Trousers Pinstripe Trousers
Look 1: Zara from head to toe #H2T (similar trousers)
Look 2: Abercrombie & Fitch Linen Shirt, Zara Pinstripe Trousers, Giuseppe Zanotti Crocodile Embossed Sneakers, & Givenchy Black Sunglasses

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