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3 Mistakes I Made as a New Fashion Blogger

Nobody is Perfect Starting off as a Fashion Blogger

Are you starting out as a new fashion blogger? Since relaunching my fashion blog (I started one back in 2013 and fizzled out through the years) about a year ago, I realized how different the blogging world has changed. I’ve had a few hiccups along that way (and honestly, I’m still making more tbh), but I wanted to share some of the mistakes I’ve made and how I’m overcoming them on a daily basis.

Blog More, Social Media less

Now, it may seem counterproductive to think that you should do less on social media and blogging more, but hear me out. I started out on social media (mostly Instagram) heavily at the beginning, trying to raise my follower count, engage as much as possible, and liking everyone’s photos. At the beginning, it’s super fun and you’re connecting with other likeminded people in your niche. But after awhile, it really consumes your time. You begin to be super excessive about who is liking your pictures and doing things “for the gram” without really enjoying your life. I mean, if that’s what you want to do hours on end, please, by all means, DO IT. But what I’ve realized is that the time you could be spending with people IRL (in real life), you’re spending it on your phone.

My mistake: focusing on growing my social media and not focusing on growing my blog

I quickly learned that I do not want to consume my time on social media all day every day. I’ve heard many bloggers say, “Social Media changes every day and you don’t necessarily have control over your platform. So, it’s important to make your blog a priority and grow that because it’s something you own”. That was a HUGE light bulb when I heard it. Social media is a great tool to help promote your blog, but it shouldn’t be the main thing. And recently transitioned my focus on creating content here and what will add value to readers like yourself.

If the goal is to be an fashion bloggertrepeur (I just made that up lol), then you must realize that your business (blog) is more important to cultivate and grow than your social media pages.

Understanding SEO

Which brings me to this point when it comes to growing your blog. Understanding SEO and how to use it. I’ve made some pretty petty mistakes on how to correctly use SEO. I mean, I’m still learning, but when I first started, I didn’t know what to do. Learning the basics of SEO will really help when you’re writing content for your blog. Some tips that have helped me:

  • Use Google to type in what the most searched phrases are used for your particular topic – i.e. “how to tie a tie” “best summer styles”
  • Youtube is such a big help! I learn a lot from watching videos of other people explaining what certain things mean. I’m no expert, but why not listen to one who knows their S*(T
  • If you’re using WordPress, YOAST SEO is what you need to use for your plugin – helps to know if you’re on the right track

My Mistake: Learn How to Use SEO properly!

Comparing Yourself To Other Fashion Bloggers

Look, starting off as a new fashion blogger is already frightening because there are SO many other people who are trying to do the same thing. But, you have your own unique sense of style and nobody can better express than you! I’ve fallen into this trap because I wanted to be like the other fashion bloggers who are pushing out content like 3-5 times a day on Instagram and posting 5x’s a week on their blog. I found it to be very stressful on my 9-5 schedule and with a limited amount of $$ to keep up with buying new product and styling them for content. Not going to lie, it kind of discouraged me.

My Mistake: Comparing myself to other fashion bloggers

I had to learn to stay in my lane and find the balance of works best for me and my lifestyle. You’ll probably face the same anxieties of wanting to be perfect or the best like the top bloggers. But once you get over that seedy little devil called comparison, you’ll find yourself embracing what works for you and not trying to measure up to someone else. It’s going to take some time to figure out what your mojo is and how you work to produce content, but once you find it, STICK with it! It’s what I’m learning to do now myself and I’m happy that I’m not putting this heavy pressure on myself and causing stress that’s not needed.

Was this helpful for you? If so, or not, let me know in the comments of somethings you’ve learned from as a new blogger!


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