4 Lessons Learned from a Broken Heart

4 Lessons Learned from a Broken Heart

Getting your heart broken is not the easiest thing to go through especially when you’re such a hopeful romantic. I’ve dreamed of being in a healthy and successful relationship and I thought I had that…but I was wrong. BUT it’s ok, because with every thing life gives you is meant to be learned for what’s to come.

Through my heartbreak phase, I took away a few lessons that I will take with me and I wanted to share them with you all:

1) Just because something looks great on paper, doesn’t mean they’re meant for you.

I learned the hard way that connection matters and even if you fight to create a connection and it’s not there it’s not meant to be. Connections cannot be forced but rather natural and that’s something that I noticed lacked in my previous relationship

2) Don’t ever lose yourself.

It’s easy to attach your worth or value to what someone thinks of you and you begin to start acting like a different person. That’s what happened to me and it didn’t feel great. I ended up catching myself and taking a step back understanding that my worth and value is for me and not anybody else. If a person cannot see the beauty in me then it is their loss.

3) It’s okay to be vulnerable with your friends.

Thankfully, I have a friend that I can trust and who knows me as a person to help guide me through my feelings. I was able to be FULLY vulnerable without feeling like I would be judged or shamed and he created a safe space for me to be me and ugly cry LOL. But he was there and he was supportive and I’m honestly grateful for him

4) Letting go takes time.

It’s been a month since I ended things and with time it has been easier for me to let go. I still think about him every now and then, but I have allowed myself to be free of the past and finally live in the present.

Watch me on my latest Youtube Video as I talk through each point:

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