Manichi Ramen in Hawaii, Ramen Noodles, What to Eat in Hawaii
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My 5 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink in Oahu

Manichi Ramen in Hawaii, Ramen Noodles, What to Eat in Hawaii

Manichi Ramen

If you’re a big fan of ramen, this is the spot you have to go! Manichi Ramen is located right in the heart of Honolulu and is right across the street of Ala Moana shopping center (where you’ll find some pretty great shopping!) My sister and I went here after the beach one day and when she mentioned ramen, I said, “Hell yeah!”

I ordered a spicy ramen bowl which was absolutely delicious. It’s not as spicy as you think, but when the spices hit the back of your throat is when you actually feel it! My sister isn’t much of a fan of spicy so she opted for ramen that was more savory. I ordered a side of fried gyoza for an appetizer, but it came out the same time as our ramen so it was much more than we both could handle.

I highly recommend this spot when you’re in town as it was fast service and the food was on point!

Scratch Hawaii, Scratch Kitchen Hawaii
(photo c/o of Scratch Hawaii)

Scratch Kitchen Hawaii

If you’re looking for a great brunch spot on the weekends, this is your place to go! When we walked in, the wait was already for about an hour, so it’s best to get there early to get a table. There isn’t a bottomless option, if that’s what you’re looking for, so definitely be aware of that.

I ordered their Shrimp & Sausage Cheddar Grits, which was pretty bland for a grits meal. However, my sister & her friend made better choices than I did and I can say that if I had to choice to come back, I would have ordered one of the two options they had. My sister dish was a bun-less burger with rice and eggs and a gravy on top (not sure of the actual name of it, but it was SO good!) And her friend had a Cheddar & Jalapeño waffle with carnita’s and a scrambled egg on top drizzled with maple syrup. So many great flavors that made my meal seem less appetizing.

I would still recommend this spot as the food is pretty good, the staff friendly, and food delivered on time for how busy it was.

Double Three Honolulu, What to eat in Honolulu Hawaii

Double Three Bubble Waffles n’ Creamery

I’m a sucker for ice cream especially if it’s a hot day. My sister and I made our way to Double Three, which is a tiny little spot “in town” (Honolulu). As you walk in to place your order, you first have to fill out an order form. On busier days, it could take up to 30-45mins just to get your ice cream due to how long it takes to make a bubble-waffle cone (about 5-8 mins).

Thankfully, we went when it wasn’t busy and we were able to get our ice cream in less than 8 minutes. Seating is limited as they only have 4 tables so if you’re going to stay, it’s best to snag an available table if you find one open.

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades, What to Eat in Hawaii

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades

Need your thirst quenched? Best place to go after a good beach session is Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades. It’s located in Halweia, which is a town super close to the North Shore. These handcrafted lemonade drinks come in a few differently flavors (all of which I wanted to try) and come in this reusable mason jar cups.

I got the Strawberry Mint flavor and it was super refreshing. My drink was large enough for me to have throughout my dinner across the street where there’s a few food trucks available (deff go to Surf n’ Salsa! Tacos are legit bomb).

The Sunrise Shack Hawaii, What to Eat in Hawaii

The Sunrise Shack Hawaii

The Sunrise Shack was the best treat to end my Hawaiian trip. You can find a variety of vegan friendly options on their menu. This little shack is located in North Shore and it’s set up right across the street from the beach which makes it super convenient for surfers (or visitors) to walk across and get a healthy snack.

I tried their Acai Bowl as it was my first time ever having one and let me tell you…I’m a fan! My sister got the Jungle Macha Bowl which was also very delicious. We hiked right before visiting here so I devoured my bowl and had a nice Mocha Bullet coffee to wash it down with.

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