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5 Spring 2019 Trends That You Have to Try


I was browsing through a recent Harper Bazaar & Elle article with the latest Spring 2019 Trends and I can say that I’m so ready for winter to be over! Living in South Florida has an exception to the rule when it comes to seasons, but when a new season arises in fashion, I’m always at the edge of my feet.

As I was browsing, I pulled a few trends that I’ve already been sporting in public and I’m also keeping my eyes peeled when I’m doing my Spring shopping. Check out some of the Spring trends I’ll be wearing this season:

Spring 2019 Trend, Neutral Tones
image from HarpersBazaar.com

Neutral Tones

When I saw that neutral tones were going to be a big trend in Spring, I knew that my fashion intuition served me right. You can mix and match (or wear a monochromatic look) with different neutral pieces like a camel blazer with denim and t-shirt or khaki’s, white cozy sweater with some sneakers.

Spring 2019 Trend, Colorful Suits
Image from HarpersBazaar.com

Colorful Suits

I’m totally here for a colorful suit. I’m currently on the hunt for an all red suit (like a cherry color) to own so that I can wear a simple t-shirt underneath with some sneakers. I think it’s super cool to look super sharp, but dress down with comfortable shoes. Colors to look for: Cherry red, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, Canary Yellow

Spring 2019 Trend, Neon Colors
image from Elle.com


Neon is coming back with a vengeance! Typically this is more of a summer trend, but has now drifted to become a Spring trend this year (which will totally work for Summer as well). I’ve been seeing neon popping up like crazy and I’m trying to find the perfect piece that will work for South Florida, but so far, the search has not been effective.

Image from HarpersBazaar.com

Hippie Tie-die

Tie-Die reminds me of all the days of childhood: warm weather, fun in the sun, and a lot of memories created. This would be a great DIY trend to grab a cool shirt (if you don’t mind tie-dying it) and making your own tie-die look. I have one from Sandro that is like a floral tie-die and it’s super cool. You’ll know what I’ll be wearing 😉

Image from HarpersBazaar.com


Whenever I see polka-dots, I think of Betty Boop. She never wore polka-dots, BUT she had that sex appeal that polka-dots have. It’s one of those well known prints that doesn’t go out of style and a classic that you can pull out of your wardrobe once it comes in style through the years.


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