About Kenjay

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About Kenjay:

Hi! My name is Kenneth Jacobs and I’m the owner of Simply Kenjay. My roots come from the island of the Philippines, but grew up in the land of opportunity, USA. My affinity for fashion & style was birthed by watching my all time favorite TV show as a teenager, America’s Next Top Model. Crazy, right? I’m a photographer, model, and aspiring fashion influencer looking to inspire men & women alike to own their personal style in the most authentic way possible.

About the Blog:

Simply Kenjay is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog based in the Fort Lauderdale & Miami area which launched in the Summer of 2017. SK was birthed because Kenjay realized that there is a lack of male fashion bloggers in South Florida and he wanted to pioneer a men’s style movement in the local area.

SK’s goal is to give a fresh & unique perspective to men’s fashion and to help inspire other guys to embrace their own personal style. You will notice that Kenjay’s style is uniquely versatile, pulling inspiration from both womenswear and menswear.

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