Faith Through Hard Times

Being Lost is the Only Way to be Found

There are seasons in your life where you will face times when you feel a little lost. You’ll feel like you’re trapped and you do not know what to do. Fear surrounds you with images of the unknown and you’re trying to fight your way through the lies that plague your mind. The journey you’re going through is dark and you’re just trying to feel your way out of it.

You almost feel, helpless…

But the best way I found to defeat this horrible monster is through FAITH. It’s the light that illuminates the dark times. It’s much of what I’ve been holding onto lately. Why choose faith? Because you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

This lost feeling has given me a perspective of going back to WHO I know and knowing what HE can do. I also realized that I was trying to do this journey alone – big mistake! I’ve been singing songs of worship & songs of praise. I’ve been praying more too. Praying for peace, praying for guidance, praying for an open door. And through my waiting period, i continue to look up for help when I need it.

I don’t really speak a lot about my faith on my blog , but I think it’s important for people to know that I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit – even if I’m gay…(that will be a whole other topic of discussions). It’s seasons like this that remind me of who He is and what He’s planning for me in my life. When I feel lost, it’s because I chose to walk alone. But when I’m reminded of who my God is and I decide to walk alongside Him, I am found. He always lights a way.


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