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I had the pleasure of attending The Blogger’s Block event on Saturday that my friends at BRNZ Blog were hosting in Miami. It was a great way for not only bloggers to connect with each other, but also other brands in the community. I always have a fun time meeting other bloggers because it helps to know that there are other people out there hustling just like you and that you’re not alone in your journey.

It can be quite intimidating going to an event where you’re putting yourself out there to meet other bloggers in the community, but I promise you it’s worth going. I wouldn’t have met some of the bloggers I know now without stepping outside of my comfort zone and making the first step. There were a couple of familiar faces that I knew, but I made it a goal to meet everyone that attended.

By far my favorite moment of the entire event was the panel session. These women all represent different niches from fashion, lifestyle, food, and travel. I learned a lot from each of them and they’re all very lovely women who are willing to share the wealth of what they know with those who want to grow their blog.

The Blogger's Block Miami

Blogger’s in order: Adrialys Gutierrez & Alyssa of Traveling Alyssa

Here are some highlights of what I learned from the Blogger’s Block event:

  • Great editing tools: FaceTune, SnapSeed
  • Filters: VSCO
  • Planning Feed/Schedule: UNUM, Planoly, Snupps
  • Increasing Engagement: Collaborating with other bloggers/Giveaways
  • Working with Brands: Ask yourself why a brand should work with you. Learn Storytelling: create a story that will help engage readers as you incorporate their product.
  • “People want to work with people they like.” If you’re your own brand, will people relate to you? Are you likeable?
  • Create relationships with PR companies: Pitch yourself to companies to work with you and don’t have a huge ego. If you’re able to do the little things, they’ll notice and use you for bigger deals.
  • When you’re doing your writing, you don’t have to be a stellar writer. Use the 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why)

The Blogger's Block Miami

The Panel did such a great job and my girls of BRNZ rocked this event. Looking forward to many more to come!

Panel (from left to right):

Eleanor Hoh of Wok Star, Annie Alvarez of Annie A to Z, Rochelle Deiso of Pretty Yellow Things, and Loy Hernandez

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