Rag & Bone, Shop Sawgrass

Bought my First Pair of Rag & Bone Jeans at Sawgrass Mills


I remember the first time I was ever exposed to Rag & Bone jeans and it was when I worked at Intermix. They’re New York vibe of denim wear appealed to the edginess that lingers on the inside of me. I never imagined that I would ever own a pair of their jeans in my life because to be frank, it cost a lot of money to buy designer jeans. One of my fondest moments while working at Intermix was when the boyfriend jean was super popular and I could fit the size 29 in women’s. Oh how I wanted to purchase them with my discount without getting too deep into my pockets.

Flash forward several years later to present day, I now own a pair of Rag & Bone jeans! Look at God! I went to a Fort Lauderdale Bloggers Meet Up last week and the Sawgrass team literally showered us with gifts. I was so impressed on how their team organized the space at Matchbox and allowing us bloggers to gain some blogging wisdom on how to work with brands. One of the gifts they allowed the bloggers to choose from was a Rag & Bone gift card amongst two other brands. My obvious choice was Rag & Bone because I knew it’s a brand I would shop at.

After the event, I went ahead and stopped by their store and they were having an incredible sale. It was 40% off your purchase! The products were already marked down so I was even more excited to find something I could buy that day. I looked around and noticed that most of their clothes are still pretty Fall/Winter so I went to the denim section and decided to try on a pair of jeans. I’m so glad I did because I didn’t know that the fit would hug my body so well! SUPER surprised and thought to myself, I need to buy these. The total of the jeans came out to be $80! from $230 to $80, that’s not too shabby!

**Note: The jeans do run a bit longer so I had them hemmed when I bought them. Be aware when buying their jeans.

All-in-all, I will definitely be back at Sawgrass Mills to do my shopping because there are so many brands there that I need to explore and visit. Rag & Bone will be on my list 😉 I need to take advantage of these sales more often because I love me a good deal!

Rag & Bone, Shop SawgrassRag & Bone, Shop Sawgrass

What I’m wearing: Jacket: Zara | Tank top: H&M | Jeans: Rag & Bone | Boots: ASOS

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