Gay Pride, Two Songs, Love Wins, TShirt

Celebrating Gay Pride in TwoSong’s ‘Love Wins’ Shirt


Last year, Aimee Song came out with a gay pride shirt on her website and I definitely wanted to get it and wear it during Pride season last year. The thing is, I didn’t get my shirt till July and pride season was already over. This year, In celebration of gay pride in Miami, I decided to wear my “Love Wins” t-shirt I bought last year.

Aimee teamed up with the Trevor Project so that a 50% of the proceeds would go to their organization. As a gay man, I love to support gay organizations like the Trevor Project because they have given people, like myself, a platform to speak out about the issues we face in our communities. In specific, gay teen suicide.

I can remember feeling so vulnerable as a teen growing up and I also faced a lot of bullying because I was different. I’ve had a few suicidal thoughts before, but it never got bad enough for me to go through with it. I’m glad that I pushed through and I had friends that I could lean on during that time to express how I felt. And gay teens around the world need to know that It Gets Better!

This message of “Love Wins” rings so true to me because no matter who you are, you deserve love. Whether it’s a man/woman, man/man, woman/woman, or etc. You have a right to be loved and have love. Let’s all show our love & support to our LGBTQ brothers and sisters across the world. Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Gay Pride, Two Songs, Love Wins, TShirt

What I’m wearing: Top: TwoSongs | Jeans: ASOS | Shoes: Zara

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