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Defining Success on My Terms

When it comes to success, we all have our own definition of what that might be. For some, it might be money & power. For others, it could be to happiness. But for me, it’s been a process to redefine my own definition of success. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the personal growth department and reflecting inward about what my purpose is and how I see myself in the world. I’ve been asking myself, “What is important to me?” “How can I make a difference and add value to people through my passion?” and the most important one of all “Who am I?”

Success, before I started my journey to pursuing fashion blogging, was to become a top fashion influencer because “I was different than most fashion bloggers and they don’t have my eye for style”…How many people have said that to themselves before? haha, I now realize how superficial and vain that goal was and now realizing how many people sacrifice their own selves to “be” something they’re probably not. I’ve had to take a hard look at myself and question some of things I was thinking & doing. How I was comparing myself to others and feeling pretty small.

Miami Fashion Blogger, Mens Fashion, Alice and Olivia Kimono, Floral

The fashion influencer world is SO big and SUPER saturated that sometimes I felt (still sometime feel) like a small fish in a gigantic ocean. Who would really want to “follow” me? How naive my thinking was! Through the constant introspective reflections I’ve been doing, I’ve learned that…who cares who “follows” me or not! Who cares about the numbers? Who cares about the number of likes I get? Yes, they matter for working with brands, but when it comes to what my true passion for why I started my journey, it wasn’t the goal.

So I decided that I needed to redefine my definition of success and find my own path on my own terms. Success to me is sharing my creative style with fashion-forward minds. Success to me is connecting with other fashionista’s around the world. Success to me is becoming my most authentic self and allowing others to see the light that is within me, online and offline. I have so many other definitions of what I think success is for myself that I’d share, but we could be here all night.

At the end of the day, I am already successful. I have already succeeded. Every day I get to share my passion and be creative is a WIN for me!

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