5 Tips for Drinking Around the World at Disney's Epcot
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5 Tips for Drinking Around the World at Disney’s Epcot

5 Tips for Drinking Around the World at Disney's Epcot
About a month ago, my sister and I were trying to plan her birthday celebration. She decided that we should go to Disney’s Epcot and drink around the world. The last time I went to Disney’s Epcot was five years ago and my sister wasn’t able to drink yet. Now that we’re a bit older and can do the “adult” stuff, this made for the perfect brother-sister bonding time!

My sister sent me a BuzzFeed video on Facebook about the tour around the world at Disney’s Epcot and what drinks and food to try when you’re there. I kind of stayed true to it, but let me tell you, it was pretty hard getting through it all. That’s why I wanted to put together a 5 Tips for Drinking Around the World at Disney’s Epcot.

5 Tips for Drinking Around the World at Disney's Epcot

5 Tips for Drinking Around the World at Disney’s Epcot:

  • Get a good nights rest and eat a solid breakfast

If you’re deciding to drink around the world at Disney’s Epcot, I highly recommend getting a enough rest the night before, hydrating your body and eating a solid breakfast. I say this because if you start your day at 11AM (like we did), you’re going to be at the park till it closes. My sister and I didn’t make it past London until the sun went down (we were having a good time in Morocco). The good night’s rest and hydration will give you the energy you need to make it through all the countries.

  • Stay near the parks

My sister and I stayed in an Airbnb that was 10 minutes outside of Disney’s Epcot and it was super affordable for a two night stay. Talk about a 3 bedroom apartment for a party of 2 for $300 in total. SOLD! It also helped that we stayed near the park so we could Uber our way there so that when the drinking started we didn’t have to worry about driving back. Thankfully, we met up with friends towards the end and they dropped us off, but if it’s you and a group of friends, definitely Uber and totally stay near the parks. You’ll save on parking 🙂

  • Expect to pay $$ for the drinks.

So drinks are not cheap here. This, you should know, going into it. The average drink is about $12-$13 each. So you’re easily going to spend up to $200 if you’re going for seconds on a particular drink you like. Food on the other hand is up to you. I would totally budget for the drinks more than the food because you want to eat light and drink more. Plan out which countries you want to actually eat at and then have little bites along the way.

  • Pace yourself

If you’re going in order of the video I talked about at the beginning of this post, you’ll know that China is the third country. My sister and I got to China, we looked at each other and we were like, “Maybe we should pace ourselves” You will get lit, REAL quick. (FYI, the vodka shot in Norway is not the best tasting shot. I recommend not to get it. Trust me lol). The goal is to try the drinks in each country, not to get drunk and be a total mess. So enjoy, sip away, enjoy the scenery and people watching and definitely pace yourself.

  • You’ll get a bit of Toot Toot (or maybe that was just me)

WARNING! This may be TMI: I don’t know if it was just me, but after having so many drinks and food to eat during the day, I was on the toilet honey! I got back to our place and that was the first place I went to. And I’m talking #2! So be aware that the mixtures of different alcohol from vodka, rum, tequila, wine, etc. will cause you to have some gas. I know I did and I would hate to leave that out cause it happened to me.

We had such an incredible time and I would totally do it again…in like a couple of years. I’m glad I had the chance to experience it with my sister for the first time. This will go into the memory books for sure!

Have you thought about drinking around the world at Disney’s Epcot? Let me know in the comments!

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