Sweater weather, Miami Winter, Sweaters for men

Enjoying Sweater Weather in Miami


I look forward to Fall/Winter’s in Miami every year because when the temperature drops, I can actually enjoy being outside. We’ve been getting a lot more cold spells this year which gives us Miamian’s the chance to enjoy sweater weather. Because I live in South Florida, there’s no reason to get a “chunky sweater” to bear the cold cause it doesn’t get below 60’s often. I opt for a more lighter sweater that’s both comfortable for the day and can transition well to the night.

Mock neck sweaters have been super popular as they’re the in-between of a crewneck sweater and a turtleneck. You can find them in either long sleeve or short-sleeve and they’re also in different materials like cotton, velvet, or wool. I’m wearing a mock neck sweater from Zara that I’m obsessed with because it’s the perfect cream color that works for everyday wear.

I’m taking advantage of this beautiful weather as much as possible because I know it typically lasts for about a week before it starts to getting warm again. How are you guys enjoying this season so far?

Sweater weather, Miami Winter, Sweaters for men
Wearing: Zara mock neck sweater, pinstriped trousers, & black hat | Florsheim White Boots

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