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Every Season Has Its Transitions


Guess who’s back? Me! Yes, I’m back to getting my butt back into writing and not avoiding it all together. Well, to start off, I actually quit my job cold turkey back in mid-August because I felt like I wasn’t being appreciated at my job and I was SO unhappy with where I was that I decided to take a leap of faith and quit. Also, for where I wanted to go in my life, it wasn’t the right position for me so I was ready for something new.

NOW, I’m not that dumb to just quit and not have a plan B. I was interviewing like crazy and I almost got a job at a fashion brand that I was hoping to get experience in, but that door didn’t open for me unfortunately. So, I was jobless, waiting on a confirmation for a position I interviewed for multiple times over several weeks, and enjoying my free time as much as possible.

I didn’t tell anyone that I was jobless except for maybe a few handful of friends because I didn’t want anyone to shame me for quitting my job without having a job lined up. Plus, it wasn’t anyone’s business to know and I’m glad I kept it to myself because sometimes people won’t understand your decisions and/or circumstances that you’ve been going through.

After I quit, I started really grinding when it came to my Instagram and had some pretty good content I was planning. I wasn’t really writing as much back in August, but I still tried to keep it up at the time. I wanted to figure out what direction I wanted to take my blog, but now I just know that I want to write about my life and share the things I’m loving currently.

Three weeks into being jobless, I finally heard from the job I interviewed for in July and I accepted! The only thing was that I was going to Paris & London for 2 weeks and then going to Reno after so I couldn’t start till the beginning of October. I was literally without a job for almost 2 months and I was definitely working through my savings.

BUT, it was the best decision of my life because the freedom I had taught me to value so much about life. I got to see my family (mom & dad first, sister second), I went to Europe (got sick, but still had fun), and had some extra time to spare to enjoy my life before going back to work and working my ass off.

It’s been a hectic couple of months because I’m still adjusting to the retail scheduling. I transitioned from working in Corporate America to working back in the Service/Retail Industry and it completely turned my world upside down. I love the transition I went through because it taught me a lot about myself and how I’ve worked to stay consistent with blogging, Instagram, and now Youtube (which I will have to update you on the progress that I’ve made 🙂 ).

It hasn’t been easy and the progress has been slow, but I’m still pushing forward to make my dream come true. I’m just glad that I’m learning to value my life a lot more, especially my family, my friends, and the time I have to myself.

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