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My Journey of Finding my Voice as a Fashion Blogger

***Before you start to read this blog post, I want you guys to know that I wrote this post in its entirety and when I clicked to “Save Draft”, for some reason my computer decided to send me to another page and I lost my original content. This is my second attempt***

How it all began

When I first started my fashion blog, I really didn’t know what it meant when they said you need to find your voice as a writer. First and foremost, I’m not a professional writer. I don’t claim to be nor do I want to be. BUT, if I was going to be a blogger, I needed to step my pussy game up in this arena, right? The beginning of my journey was really about posting outfits and talking about what I was wearing and what occasion it might have been great to wear it at. I don’t know about you, but that can get a bit exhausting and boring after awhile.

I believed that my personal style would “speak for itself” so to speak, but soon realized that it wasn’t enough to just post an outfit and look pretty. I needed to learn how to communicate who I am, my personality, through my words. I didn’t know, then, how to even do that and I was literally pounding my head against a wall trying to understand what that really meant.

I’ve listened to bloggers, again and again, talk about “being yourself” and “staying true to who you are”. I understood it theoretically…be yourself, got it! But when it came to actually applying it to my blog, I was stumped. I’m sure you’re like, “really Kenny? You had trouble with this?” and YES, I did, thank YOU very much (don’t judge me, okuurrr).

You see, my writing has been very…superficial. And what I mean by that is that there wasn’t really any depth. Yes, I’m wearing this awesome pair of shoes with a great pair of skinny jeans…but so is the next guy and the next guy. What makes me any different?

Then I had my light bulb moment. Nothing grand, but it just finally clicked! Here’s the tea that I clearly had going over my head for so long: Be WHO YOU ARE by adding your VOICE. Like, speak how you would speak to your friends or if you are writing in a diary. No, seriously! That’s all it really takes **mindblown** I don’t know about you, but this has me so giddy inside! I’ve finally had my breakthrough! It’s really not all about the outfits and what you wear. It’s really about allowing people to see the real YOU.

When was the turning point?

Well, I’ve searched several top fashion bloggers and I started reading their blog posts. Not knocking on anyone’s blogs, but I just never felt like I was grasping an essence of who they were in their posts. It wasn’t until I expanded my view to “smaller bloggers” (and when I mean smaller, they still have a great following). I began to enjoy their blogs because I can tell they were being genuine and authentic in their posts. Bloggers like Daniel Ocean, Maria Julia, and Gracie Francesca have opened my eyes to see how I could be able to speak in my own voice because they’re speaking in theirs.

Moving forward

Consider this my very FIRST post owning my authentic voice. Hip hip hooray! It wasn’t an easy journey, to be honest. Because I believe that I had to go through the “superficial phase” to really understand that that wasn’t how I want to come across. It wasn’t until I was able to read other bloggers and understand their tone of voice that I was able to have the courage to allow myself to pour my heart and write this post. And it is just the beginning!


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