Happy New Year, 2019, Resolutions

Going into 2019 with a Bang!


Don’t you feel like 2018 was a pain in the ass? Like, there was a lot of obstacles and challenges this year right? But, you know what the good thing about that is? It prepared us for what 2019 is going to bring because I believe this past year taught each and everyone of us what we need to work on in the upcoming year. Whether that be a shift in jobs or creating a better habit for your life, this New Year is going to help us get what we want.

I love when the New Year comes around because it allows me to reflect back on all the things I went through this year and pick out the lessons I’ve learned to take with me into 2019. The New Year is also a great way to “reset” as well because you’re able to begin again. I’m definitely hitting that reset button because I know there was a ton of transitions towards the end of 2018 that had me all twisted and confused. LOL.

With a new job and new schedule, I honestly have put blogging, Instagram, and a little bit of Youtube, on the back burner. The holiday season wasn’t really what it was cracked up to be, but I know with New Years, I can get a fresh start!

I watched The Secret on Netflix and it helped me to get my creative juices going because I have not thought about what goals I want to achieve for 2019. So I put pen to paper and I’ve come up with a few things I want to work towards:

  • I would like to be the fittest I could be this year (really focusing on a healthy diet while increasing my intake and less drinking of alcohol)
  • Learn Spanish fluently
  • Earn $25k through blogging/vlogging
  • Find an influencer mentor to help me with growing my influence & social media platforms
  • Grow my Instagram to 25K followers | Grow Youtube Subscribers to 50K
  • Make $500k this year!

Hefty goals, but if you don’t shoot for something then your shooting at nothing. I’m dreaming big for 2019 and I’m going to attract all the right people into my life as well as developing myself as a person in the process.

Have you guys began your goal-setting for the New Year?

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