Midici Neapolitan Pizza Company, Fort Lauderdale, MyMidici, Happy Hour
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Good Eats: Happy Hour at MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company in Fort Lauderdale

A couple of weeks ago, my friends Brittany & Priscilla of Brnz Blog and I went to MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company in Fort Lauderdale for happy hour and it was such a treat. I did a bit of research before planning this happy hour and I learned on MidiCi’s Instagram that Thursday’s was happy hour all night! I’ve never been here before, but Priscilla has mentioned great things about their 50% off wines and appetizers.

I arrived to MidiCi first to grab us a table and when I walked in, I noticed a sign that said “Self-seating” It’s not verbatim, but it was along those lines. I put my bag down at a cute little loungy spot near the window and proceeded to order a glass of wine. What I didn’t know was that I could take a number that they can give you when you place an order and keep a tab open. I ended up having to get up and order at the counter throughout the night until Prisicilla told me I could keep a tab open.

*TIP* Ask for a number and keep a tab open if you’re sitting at a table

Midici Neapolitan Pizza Company, Fort Lauderdale, MyMidici, Happy Hour
Brittany was the next one to arrive and we both decided to order some food and grab more drinks. I ordered the Wood-fire Baked Truffle Cheese Bread & Brittany ordered the House Cheese Board. The cheese bread was a large appetizer that I wasn’t expecting! The portion is great to share with 2 or more people. If I would’ve known the portion was that big, I wouldn’t have order it. But noted for the next time I go!

I didn’t enjoy the cheese bread as much as I’d like. I like a good cheesy, truffle situation, but this was a bit average for me. If the cheese was a bit hotter for the cheese to ooze out a bit, I think I would’ve liked it more. I wouldn’t order it again. I’ll stick to the cheese board and wine for sure.

Since the wine was 50% off, I did mostly white wine (allergic to the tannins in red, sadly). My first glass was a sparking wine and I switched over to a riesling after. I would say a regular glass would cost $8-$10, so I made sure to take advantage of the half-priced glasses of wine!

Midici Neapolitan Pizza Company, Fort Lauderdale, MyMidici, Happy Hour
Once the food came out, Priscilla strolled on in and that’s when the party started. Not really, but we definitely had a good time catching up about upcoming events, blogger tips and strategy, etc. They’ve definitely been a great help for me as a new blogger and super glad we became friends. Can’t wait to try out another happy hour spot with my gals.

Where should we go next? Comment below if you know a great happy hour spot!

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