The Wilder, Fort Lauderdale, Bar, Lounge
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Good Eats | Happy Hour at The Wilder in Fort Lauderdale

I’ve heard a lot about The Wilder from my co-workers and from other friends and I decided that it was time for me to see what the hype was all about. I planned to come with a couple of friends to do happy hour, but it went from a party of 3 to a party of 1. Which is fine because I was able to enjoy a little bit of this space and have some alone time.

When I walked through the entrance on the front side which faces Broward Blvd, I was thrilled to see how beautiful the patio looked. I felt like I stepped into a whole new city. Was I really in Fort Lauderdale? The aesthetics definitely reminded me a lot of SoCal with the green plants that hung along the walls painted with colorful flowers. The outdoor decor was well decorated with wooden seating and tables. A nice rustic touch.

There is parking in the back that is complimentary. I actually accidentally parked behind Foxy Brown, but there’s more parking if you turn right into the Chase bank. I’m not used to being in this area, so as  soon as you cross US1 there’s a lane to turn Left on so make sure to do that immediately or else you’ll be making a U-turn.

The Wilder, Fort Lauderdale, Bar, Lounge
The Wilder, Fort Lauderdale, Bar, Lounge
The Wilder, Fort Lauderdale, Bar, Lounge
Seating Area

I went on a Thursday around 5:30PM. The patio was empty and I opted to sit outside because the weather was nice. I believe happy hour is Monday-Friday from 4-7PM and it’s only on the cocktails. Each drink will cost you about $11 each (original $14) which isn’t too happy. Get me under $10 and I would’ve been happier! However, the craft cocktails were very delicious and the ambiance makes up for it! So if you’re looking to take someone on a date, I’d recommend this spot if you want to impress!

One of my favorite drinks that I got was the “Don’t Sleep on Me”. I would consider this more of a dessert drink because of its sweetness. It’s by far, the tastiest of the three that I tried. The combination of the taro milk and Afrohead 7yr rum mixed very well together.

My second favorite would have to be the “Live Up to My Name”. I like a good spicy tequila cocktail that gives you a bit of a bite. It’s not that crazy on the heat, which I like and the flavors of the chipotle-chocolate and pineapple…DELICIOUS!

I wasn’t too much of a fan of the “West Indian Handshake” – It’s light on the sweetness, but still refreshing to the taste. Wouldn’t be my first option, but I’d have it again if I was in the mood. I wish I could have tried all of them, but then I would have been a sloppy drunk. LOL. I’m definitely going to be back to try the other options on the menu.

The Wilder, Fort Lauderdale, Bar, Lounge
Don’t Sleep On Me
The Wilder, Fort Lauderdale, Bar, Lounge
Live Up to My Name
The Wilder, Fort Lauderdale, Bar, Lounge
West Indian Handshake
The Wilder, Fort Lauderdale, Bar, Lounge
Chicken Sliders

After having 3 drinks, I obviously needed to grab something eat so I decided to go with the Chicken Sliders per Emily (my server’s) recommendation. When I tell you when I bit into that slider…GIRLL I was in heaven! With the combination of the cheese, bacon, and panko crusted chicken, I just about had an orgasm in my mouth. The alcohol definitely helped with my tastebuds, but I would TOTALLY get the sliders again, hands down!

All-in-all, I had a great experience here. I didn’t get to really explore the inside of The Wilder. But from what I saw when I went to the bathroom, it looks like a great lounge spot to hang out at in the evenings. I hear it gets pretty busy at night so if you want a more quiet experience, come earlier!

Where should I try out next? Let me know below in the comments

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