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Health Check! 3 Preventive Ways to Prepare NOT to Get Sick While Traveling

**Late Post**

No one plans to get sick when they’re traveling and I for one didn’t either until I woke up one morning in Paris with a minor chest cough. I didn’t think anything of it really. I’ve been taking my Echinacea vitamins before and during my trip, but that didn’t stop this cough from coming. I was actually on my way to Versailles when this was all going down. Little did I know that it was the start of sickness that I was foolish to ignore…sigh.

It’s flu season apparently and I may have caught it (but that’s just me giving myself a diagnosis…does anyone else do that? *raises hand*). Two weeks later and I’m still a bit nasally with boogers climbing out of my nose, but not as bad when I was in Europe. I decided that I should put together a “first-aid” of few essentials that one should bring on their travels, whether it is in Europe or within the USA.

1. Bring Medicine

Most places will have Pharmacy’s when you get to Europe, but on the safer side I would bring some medicine just in case. I ran into a situation in Paris where I could not communicate what I was looking for because 1) I didn’t know how to speak French 2) I should have probably used Google Translate.

I recommend bringing Emergen-C, cough drops, and DayQuil/NightQuil liquid gel packs. Now, I didn’t not have these with me when I went, but I’m helping you guys for when you’re deciding to travel and can add this to your checklist incase you get sick like I did.

These items are easy to travel with. I remember taking an Emergen-C going to Italy a couple of years ago and I’d wish I did when I was going to Paris. The things you learn when you get sick abroad! It will not happen again, I assure you!

2. Stock up on Tissues, Hand sanitizers, and Wetwipes

Do you know you’re body when it’s sick and the phases it goes through? I do.

Normally it goes like this (for me at least): Cough > Sore Throat > Nasal Congestion > more Coughing & runny nose > done.

The one thing I hated the most was trying to find tissue paper or toilet paper to blow my nose every five seconds. You can ask my bestie, Kendrick, I was a mess LOL. I highly recommended bringing packet of travel Kleenex’s that come in 6 and buying 2. Also, I would buy handsanitzer and wetwipes to clean your hands and wipe down seats and tables for your convenience and others.

3. Stay Hydrated

The biggest and probably the most important of all of these is to stay hydrated, at all times! I’m so spoiled in South Florida where the humidity is able to keep my nose moist. When I was in Paris & London, the climate there is very dry. I didn’t realize that I was losing a lot of water while sightseeing and I was not drinking enough to replenish my body to give my body the water it needed to help it recover. It caused my nose and throat to be very dry and it worsened my recovery. When I tell you I drank about a gallon of water in London one night, it helped me tremendously. Then, I started drinking a gallon a day just to help keep my body regulated.

What did I learn from this? Always be prepared! And most importantly, make your health a priority. I could have taken care of myself a lot better, but I was too busy trying to see all the sights as possible. I don’t regret it one bit, but I know for the next trip I take to Europe or wherever it may be, I’m going to be ready for anything and making sure that I’m healthy and alive! Do you guys have any tips on what to do when you’re sick while traveling?? Let me know down in the comments!

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