Manoa Waterfall Train in Hawaii, Hiking in Hawaii
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Hiking the Manoa Trail #JurassicParkFeels

Good morning! It’s time to hike the Manoa Trail. My sister and I went on a little adventure the morning she got off of work (her final night from her travel assignment, PARTY!). So we were both working off the energy we could find.

It took us about 45 minutes to make it to the location to hike the Manoa Trail and we ended up catching the rain once we got there. One thing I’ve learned about Hawaii is that it rains A LOT. At least at different places on the island.

Manoa Falls Trail in Hawaii, Hiking in Hawaii, Things to do in Hawaii

The views when you walk on the path toward the waterfall were absolutely breathtaking. I honestly thought we were walking on a trail to Jurassic Park. I was like, “Where are all the dinosaurs?” It was lush with greenery everywhere and the misty-ness in the atmosphere made it even more scenic.

It was an easy trail to walk, although it was a bit muddy because of the rain. Most of our journey towards the waterfall was pretty dry until we got closer to the waterfall. Then the rain poured on us dramatically for 5 minutes and stopped. Hence my soaked clothes above** It made it all worth it though! In total, I believe the walk took us about 20-25 minutes to get there & 20 minutes to get back.

Manoa Falls Trail, Hiking Places in Hawaii, Manoa Waterfalls

I found this spot (above) along our walk up to the waterfall and I told my sister, “On the way back, I’m hopping up there and I’ll give you my camera” lol. There were a lot of places for good content to be shot, but since my sis and I were both drenched, we only stopped at two places where we both wanted photos.

I highly recommend taking the time to walk the trail if you’re here in Hawaii as it is feasible for all ages alike. Wear some comfortable clothing, like you would if you were going to the gym. Saw a ton of people in gym shorts, leggings, and comfortable walking shoes. You will have to go up some hills with some rocky spaces, so be very careful going up & down the trail.

Manoa Waterfall Train in Hawaii, Hiking in Hawaii

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