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How I’ve Learned to Let Go of Control and Be Present


There’s a time to be in control and there’s a time to let go of control. And the latter has probably been the most difficult thing for me to overcome. Being on this journey of blogging and learning how to grow my blog, there are some things you just cannot control, like growing an authentic following for instance. I can’t make people follow me and that’s like super frustrating LOL

There have been many times that I have to look at what is controllable. I can control how many outfit I put together and shoot. I can control how many blog posts to write. And the list goes on. One thing I’m learning is that I cannot control the outcome and that’s very scary.

I’d like to be able to know if I’m moving in the right direction and if people like what they’re reading/seeing. I want to see my numbers rise (I mean, skyrocket!) and want people to love what I’m doing. However, in a space where a ton of people are trying to be the “Next Best Fashion Blogger”, I’ve got a lot on my hands when it comes to growth.

I’ve always looked at the numbers and wondered what I’m doing wrong. Instead of growing, I’ve seen less and less people fall off (but that’s because most were ghost followers or the follow/unfollow people) But, recently, I had a mindset shift. I said F*(k the numbers, I’m going to focus on putting in the work.

I forget that if I want to turn my platform into a business, I have to think of it like a business. And right now, have I even put in the work to make that happen? Not necessarily! It’s been a huge wake up call for me to really focus on growing my blog and not so much my Instagram following. It would be great for my IG to grow astronomically, but at the end of the day, my blog is MY home. So my attention now is here and less on IG.

Because of that mindset shift, I’ve been able to be present in my work. Allowing my work to speak for itself vs. looking into the future and trying to make a number happen (when really I haven’t put in enough work to grow my influence into that number). So now that I know this, It’s helped me to let go of the control of growth and allow it to happen with the work I put in.

I know it will require patience, hard work, and time to grow, but am I in a rush? Not really, but the sooner the better, right? LOL

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