Zara, Live In Truth, Sandro Homme, Dior, ASOS

Live in Truth or Live a Lie – It’s Your Choice to Make

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To “Live in Truth” requires the ability to know who you are and what you value. Don’t let anyone tell you WHO you are because you must define that for yourself. I’m so grateful that I have taken the steps to know myself completely, good and bad. But it has not been an easy journey to walk.

I know all too well how to live a lie because I used to be a closeted gay man. I always had to tell little lies. Pretend that I liked girls, but knowing on the inside that it wasn’t true. I know what it’s like to feel bound by the pressures of society, religion, and family. The restriction to not show too much or else be subject to scrutiny and judgement. I felt like I was drowning all the time. I finally decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I couldn’t live like that anymore.

Step-by-step, I allowed myself to shine a little more. I started believe that I was capable of being vulnerable regardless of who liked me or not. I learned not to let the opinion of others define who I needed be. I began to define who I wanted to be myself. Everyday, I walk in course to make that happen. I don’t always get it right, but I keep at.

There’s no right way or wrong to take the step. It’s actually taking the step that is the MOST important. You’ll figure out the rest later 🙂

Zara, Live In Truth, Sandro Homme, Dior, ASOS

What I’m wearing: T-shirt: Zara | Shirt: Sandro Homme (similar) | Trousers: Zara | Boots: ASOS | Hat: Zara | Sunglasses: Dior

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