Looking Beyond the Horizon

Looking Beyond the Horizon

Have you considered looking beyond the horizon? What does your future look like? How does your life look and where do you want to be? These questions have been popping into my head lately because I’m in somewhat of a transitional part of my life. I want to live a life where I’m free to be who I am, enjoying my life and what I’m doing, and adding significance in people’s lives all at the same time.

That is what I hope for through this blog. I envision inspiring people of all shapes, colors, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc. through the connections I make from pursuing Simply Kenjay. I see myself helping others succeeding in their craft, being their personal cheerleader, and honoring them when they’re winning.

I envision myself being a positive representation for young gay men of color.  To be a positive role model of success and mentoring them to achieve their dreams as well. Adding a dose of hope in their lives that was missing due to their upbringing. I realized, not too long ago, that my life isn’t my own. And if I’m able to use this blog as a platform to give hope to others then that is what I will do.

Thank you to all who are supporting me in this journey. I’m still in my infancy stages, but I’m learning, growing, and excited for the months to come.

Looking Beyond the Horizon

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