Men's Style, Brown, Monochromatic

Men’s Style Post: Comfy in a Brown Monochromatic Look

Sunday was a really great day to where this brown monochromatic look because everywhere that I went it was cold. I mean, from church to the movies, I didn’t complain once about the temperature. As it’s still transitioning from chilly to warm in South Florida, this monochromatic look made perfect sense.

A tip for styling a monochromatic look: You don’t have to be too matchy-matchy when it comes to the color scheme. Even if the shade is a bit off, it will work. I say go bolder on the bottom, lighter on top, matched with a really great shoe to tie it all together.

I met up with a friend of mine to do a couple of shoots in the afternoon and I knew this was a look I wanted to share with you guys. It actually came to me the night before as my mind was running about what outfits I wanted to wear. As I mentioned in a previous blog post (here), this sweater is made out of linen. So even if it looks like it’s heavy, it’s actually pretty breezy.

OH by the way, if you’re wondering what I saw at the movies this weekend, I saw  ‘Love, Simon‘. PLEASE go see it! I found myself crying in the second half of the movie. It was great to more gay representation and our stories being told on the big screens.

What I’m wearing: Banana Republic linen sweater (similar), Gap skinny chinos (similar), Zara sandals

Men's Style, Brown, Monochromatic

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