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My Alternate Choice for a Jacket this Winter: a Casual Blazer


I used to be a HUGE blazer fan back in the day and I don’t know why I lost such love for them. I honestly believe their a great alternative to wearing a jacket (especially since bomber jackets have begun ruling the “light-jacket” scene lately). What’s great about a blazer is that it instantly elevates your look from casual to dressy-casual in under 2-secs.

I bought a couple of blazers from Zara recently, one in camel and the one I’m wear here in a plaid/houndstooth print. I’ve been leaning a lot towards neutral colors, pieces I can wear day-to-day with out having to sacrifice wearing it for a particular season. The blazer’s I bought have been a great addition to my closet because I get to use them more when the weather drops below 70 and it will still keep me warm.

Of course, once the weather starts warming up, I won’t be using them much unless I’m at work, but for now, I’m taking full advantage of wearing a blazer as much as possible. Do you guys have any alternate jacket choices you’re using? Let me know in the comments!

Men's Blazer, Zara, Casual Blazer, Men's Style
Men's Blazer, Zara, Casual Blazer, Men's Style
I’m wearing Head-to-Toe Zara with the exception of my white shirt which is ASOS. Similar Styles of Blazers below:

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