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My Current Go-to Fragrance for Winter

I’ve been wearing Jo Malone fragrances for a couple of years now and I’ve recently discovered a new scent that I’m currently obsessing. I’ve been wearing their Myrrh & Tonka this winter and it’s a soft yet seductive aroma that just pulls you right in. I’ve had several compliments when I wear it and I see that as a good sign!

I first got introduced to it when I was filming a Youtube video at my friend Marcus’ house and he mentioned that he had gotten new Jo Malone fragrances and had a few testers I could try. Once of them was, Myrrh & Tonka. I happily took them because who says no to free samples of Jo Malone? No one ever! LOL

SO I began wearing the sample here and there and I kept getting a whiff of it and I was like “This REALLY smells good!” Thankfully, I work at Bloomingdales to be able to have purchased it on my store discount.

I love that it is a great every day cologne that can be worn day-to-night. I do like to refresh myself before I go out with friends after a long day, but you don’t really need to as it’s long lasting.

The Myrrh & Tonka is a part of the Jo Malone Intense line which you can find the 100ML bottle I have for $185.

Jo Malone, Myrrh, Tonka, Fragrance

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