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Travel Guide: My Weekend Getaway to Bimini & What You Need to Know

Travel Zoo recently sent a one week travel promotion to Bimini on Bahamas Air and a stay at Resort World Bimini and for $239, you could fly to Bimini and stay at the resort for 3 nights, free (prices at this resort start at $250/per night)! I immediately started reaching out to friends to see who was able to go.  I wanted to book it quick before the dates I wanted to go were sold out and thankfully my bestie was able to come with me as I needed a quick weekend getaway.

Sign up for Travel Zoo if you don’t mind the email marketing. The only way I would’ve known about this deal is through their site!

The flight over on Bahamas Air was one of the swiftest flights I’ve taken. I mean, Bimini is only 60 miles off the coast of Miami so it’s not surprising. The plane, however, did arrive late and we took off 30 mins after the designated flight time (1:30pm estimated take off). Besides being late, the flight wasn’t half bad, but I’m curious if the flights tend to run late because of “island time”

The airport in Bimini is super small and it doesn’t have AC so definitely be prepared to wear something light and airy for your trip over. There’s a taxi that is waiting for your arrival when you land so when you get through immigration and grab your bags, they’ll be waiting.

The taxi will take you to the South Bimini port, which is about a 5 minute drive from the airport. Other people who are staying at the resort will also be taking a taxi over to the ferry so you’ll have to wait till the group gets on the boat before it departs to the resort. I highly suggest that if you are staying at this resort to pre-pay for your ferry. You can find the bookings for the ferry here. It makes the process of getting to the resort faster if they can find you on in their tablet. But if you didn’t, you’ll have to pay via credit card for the one-way to the resort.

The Property:

Bimini, Weekend Getaway, Travel Guide
The Hilton Resort World Bimini was absolutely beautiful and it definitely had a luxe appeal. The main lobby is filled with natural light with the open windows and vaulted ceilings. We arrived right about the time check-in began (4PM is check-in) and did not have any issues with getting our room. Since there are other people arriving with you to the resort, the wait time in line might take some time.

You’ll find The Tides restaurant and the Sushi Bar in the main lobby. There’s a bar directly behind the check-in area. Down the left corridor of the lobby, you’ll find the path towards the Casino and the Hemingway restaurant seated next to each other. Down the right corridor of the lobby, you’ll find the path to the elevators and the entrance to the Oasis, which is the downstairs pool bar and pool. The Infinity Pool and Monkey Business Bar is on the 5th floor. And if the gym and spa are important to you, they are also on the 5th floor!

***the gym is a decent size. There is enough cardio machines to exercise on. The weights only go up to 50lbs and there’s one multiuse-gym machine.

Checking out (12PM everyday) was a breeze as well. The staff was very helpful and informative when we asked them questions. If you ever experience bad service, it’s probably because you were impatient. I’ve seen how some of the customers have treated the employees. Treat them with respect and they will be kind to you. Service is slower than the US, but they were very much hospitable.

The Room:

Bimini, Weekend Getaway, Travel Guide
When I first walked into my room, I was like YASSS. The rooms were very spacious and they all come with a balcony. I had two queen beds, although I had the room to myself. I was stationed on the 3rd floor and had a great view of the neighboring bungalows that were across the street.

My favorite part of a hotel room is their bathroom and it totally made me giddy inside. There’s a privacy door made of glass that slides open & close. The toilet is in a separate little room for more added privacy and the shower was on the other side making it easy to go about your business if you had more than one person in the room. The shower rained down like a waterfall making my showers very relaxing and soothing. I didn’t have any issues with hot water; I was getting my life!

There’s a small refrigerator that is tucked away near the closet and a safe that is seated right above it. The room had an iron and ironing board with a great amount of closet space to unpack your things. My one disappointment is that they didn’t have hotel robes. That would’ve been a cute situation.

SN: In order to access Wi-fi, you would have to check-in first. The password would be your last name + room #

Let’s talk about Money:

  • The Resort doesn’t accept cash. You’ll either have to bill to your room or pay with a credit card – take cash for food and drinks outside the property. Trust me, it’s worth it!
  • Automatic 18% + 7.5% VAT tax at the Resort (Room service additional $4 for delivery charge)
  • If you have cash and want to spend at resort, you will have to get a gift card from the marketplace and add exact change there
  • I recommend buying all your water and bottles of alcohol off the property. Much cheaper!


  • Taxi – $5 per person
  • Golf Cart – $60-90 if you want more mobility (not sure if it was per day as we did not rent one)
  • Bike – $20 for 24hrs

We walked pretty much to all the local spots, especially Stuart’s and Edith as that is a 15-20 minute walk. I do recommend getting a golf cart if you want to explore the island a lot more but we only decided to take a taxi back and forth if we didn’t feel like walking. We didn’t spend too much time off the property except to eat & drink.

Places to Eat Off the Property:

Bimini, Weekend Getaway, Travel Guide

  • Stuart’s Conch Stand – fresh conch salad ($8) & BKO drink which is made with alcohol ($6)
  • Edith’s Pizza & Bahamian Food – Lobster pizza ($21 + gratuity and VAT tax)= $26 for medium pizza
  • Island House – bar and restaurant. The food menu is in the back, but you have to order at the bar and pick up at window in the back. Dinners are $12 a person and are big portions. ***Don’t come here alone, especially if you’re a girl. More of a local spot and you want to make sure you have someone with you. Tourist come here as well to chill and listen to music.

What to Eat & Not Eat On the Property:

Bimini, Weekend Getaway, Travel Guide

Yes –
  • Breakfast Buffet at the Tides – $30 a person with gratuity and tax included. Good for wanting to stay in the resort vs. going local. We ate here our last day at the resort and it is a great value for what you’re paying since it was a buffet. I would definitely eat the breakfast again.
  • The Burger at Monkey Business – $19 + gratuity and VAT tax – highly recommend.
No –

The Sushi Bar – The sushi spot is not the greatest – we ate the Sushi roll with fried shrimp and Pad Thai and the quality is not the best especially for the price you’re paying for. My friend and I split it and it was about $25 a person with gratuity and tax included.

The Hemingway – My friend and I had sliders on our first day and the only thing I liked was the pulled pork slider – the bread was hard and stale and it didn’t taste the best. The fries though, were on point! Menu items are a la carte ($45 a person when we got a drink with our meal)

Overall Experience:

I had a fantastic time! I didn’t get to do much around the Island as it was more a weekend to relax and chill VS. adventuring around town. I would definitely come back and stay at RWBimini in the future and will be taking what I learned from this trip into my next trip in the future!

Bimini, Weekend Getaway, Travel Guide

Was this guide helpful? Let me know if you have any questions below in the comments 🙂




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