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Savoir Faire – the Parisian Way

Bienvenue a Paris

I’ve always imagined Paris being this magical place. A romantic city meant for two lovebirds to experience together as they gallivanted the cobbled stoned streets. I dreamt of the Eiffel Tower glistening in the distance of my hotel while I am soaking up the Parisian sun and inhaling the crisp air from my balcony. I envisioned a sunset picnic in the park, enjoying a glass of wine (or two) with a charcuterie platter of the best cheeses and meats to devour.

These things did not happen on my trip to Paris, but I know it will be a dream relived if I have the chance with my partner (wherever he is) LOL. Paris is definitely a dream fulfilled and it is quite a magical place. Being single in Paris was quite a treat because I was able to fully enjoy the beauty of this city on my own.

What I most was impressed about Paris is the way people were dressed. I can see how Parisians have such an effortless way to their style and they just wear their clothes confidently. Maybe it’s just in their DNA or something, but you can tell that they have the savoir faire or the “know how” (thanks for teaching me that one Sandro!)

I stayed a bit West of the Champ-Elysee, which I believe is the business/financial district of Paris. You can see men sporting suits from head-to-toe, all very fitted to the body and super sleek. Blue suits were worn across the board, avoiding any hint of black. And the guys there are SO attractive. I almost about fainted a couple of times.  The women were also styled head-to-toe, but in their own fashion flare.

What I noticed the most about both men and women is that they are not flashy whatsoever. That’s what struck me because a lot of American’s are SUPER flashy when it comes to fashion and style. I respect the Parisians for having such a classic, yet fashionable way to their style because it’s something I can relate to on certain levels.

I hope on my next visit to Paris it will be for Paris Fashion Week (which is going on right now) because that is a HUGE dream of mine. But the memories that I’ve created being in Paris will always be priceless. My next blog post will be about how to take of yourself when you’re sick while traveling because guess who got sick in Europe…yep, ME! And I’m still feeling the after affects, but it’s almost gone!

What I’m wearing: 3.1 Philip Lim Fox Jumper | Zara Pinstriped trouser (similar) | Zara Sailor’s hat | Tom Ford Aviator sunglasses (similar)

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