Floral shirt, Sheer top, Zara Men, Eveningwear

Sheer x Florals

Floral shirt, Sheer top, Zara Men, Eveningwear

The more I sow into my self-love, the more I embrace myself more freely. This sheer floral shirt from Zara floats on the line of androgyny. Especially since I’m more of a smaller frame, this shirt accentuates the feminine qualities that I know resides within me. I know that growing up, I’ve repressed some of those “feminine qualities” because it was frowned upon in my household, but now that I’m 28, I have been slowly embracing that side of myself more & more.

I was on my way to dinner in Miami, as it’s Miami Spice currently, and I wanted to feel sexy. I’m single and so is my bestie so why not look good on a “girls night”, right? I wore a pair of jeans to not make this dinner look less dressy because it was Thursday night and I didn’t want to go all out. It’s definitely a head-turner because I’ve had a quick looks throughout the night, but I didn’t allow anyone’s thoughts to stop me from feeling great about myself.

I do, sometimes, worry about what other people might think when I wear eccentric pieces, but I muster up the courage to live in my truth regardless. I love this look, how about you guys?

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