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Getting into Bed with Silvon: A Cleaner Way to Sleep


Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Silvon for testing purposes. 

If sleeping could be a hobby, I’d sign up for that in a heart beat! There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work to jump into bed and face planting on your pillow. Cue for a snooze, don’t you think?

I’ve recently have been trying out these new pillow cases from Silvon, which I’ve come to learn, is redefining how bedding can affect the safety of our skin. Have you ever thought about how much bacteria is collected on your pillow case every night you go to sleep? I’ve never had an inkling about how much bacteria is crawling on my pillow until I learned a little more about why Silvon is so different.

Silvon Home, Silvon Pillowcase, Home & Bedding, Pillows

Silvon infuses silver into their fabrics (Supima cotton to be precise) as it is a oligodynamic – meaning it prevents the growth of bacteria. Mind blown! I found this to be such an innovative way to not only having a cleaner surface for my face, but to know that it’s going to protect me from pesky bacteria that could potentially bring any future sicknesses (and who likes to be sick, right?).

You can say that I’m a happy camper and would totally recommend checking out their products for your home bedding. You can also use my discount code for 10% off your order using = KENJAY-10

Curious to learn more? Find more information about Silvon here!

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