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#Staycation All I Ever Needed

Ever needed a vacation but don’t have a lot of time to take off to enjoy one? Well, I recently had a staycation at the Loews Miami Beach and it’s everything I needed! I won a 2-night stay with a complimentary spa day at a Vanessa James Media event in November of last year and I was saving this win for a special weekend. And it finally came just in time!

I decided to plan my weekend around Ariana Grande‘s concert as she performed on May 31st and June 1st at the American Airline Arena in Miami. My friends from BRNZ came along for the journey and we ALL had a blast!

I’ve been to the Loews before about 10 years ago when they had the Emeril restaurant. I was going to be a freshman at Johnson & Wales University to pursue culinary (which I ended up not pursuing for various reasons) and they took us to the Loews because Emeril was an alumni of my school. Fast forward 10 years later and I’m back on the property and it had definitely changed since then.

Walking into the lobby, I noticed this beautiful rock structure at the check in area. It was like a gem on the wall that glittered underneath the lighting. The check in process was very smooth and the service at the front desk was superb. I was booked on the 16th floor with an oceanfront view and I couldn’t be more happy!

My room was very spacious with two double queens beds and the ambiance was quite minimal with hints of luxury and art throughout the room. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the room, BUT that just means, you need to go and experience it yourself.

My friends Brittany and Priscilla of BRNZ and Priscilla’ cousin Kathy came by before the Ariana Grande concert and we got ready for our night there. I’ve been to the Dangerous Woman tour 2 years ago and that blew me away. The Sweetner tour was just as good and Ariana was able to squeeze in so many of her hits for the concert that I couldn’t believe how quick it went!

Saturday, Brittany, Priscilla, and myself went to grab lunch at Nexxt Cafe on Lincoln Road with my friend Stephen. I’ve been trying to have my friends meet each other since I hang out with so many different people. I always get nervous when my friends meet one another, but it always happens to work out great! We had a wonderful lunch, but it was SUPER humid that Saturday and we could all feel it.

Later on, Brittany left and Priscilla and I ending up taking a nap before our night festivities. We went to a lounge called Wall, which is located at the W Hotel, right up the street from the Loews Hotel. My friend Stephen met us at our room and we pre-gamed before going and had a blast with other friends that met us out.

Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to use my Exhale Spa voucher. I absolutely needed this massage. I was a bit hungover though from the night before, BUT I managed to make it through the massage without getting sick! LOL. I spent some time in the spa relaxing in the jacuzzi and spent a moment in the meditation room where I was able to relax and enjoy the soft music.

All-in-all, the whole experience from check in to check out was unbelievable. The effort the staff takes to make sure you’re enjoying your stay was top notch. I felt so very special to be staying at this property! Take a look at some of the highlights of my trip below:

Loews Hotel Miami Beach, Simply Kenjay, Menswear Blogger, Mens Fashion Blogger, Miami, BRNZ Blog
Loews Hotel Miami Beach, Simply Kenjay, Menswear Blogger, Mens Fashion Blogger, Miami, Wall at W Hotel
Loews Hotel Miami Beach, Simply Kenjay, Menswear Blogger, Mens Fashion Blogger, Miami

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