Zara Patent Faux Leather Chelsea Boots

Stepping into Patent Leather

I get a lot of my inspiration for my looks from a lot of female bloggers because they have so many options to personal style. I’m not against some of the menswear options we have, but there’s a lot more to work with if you’re a female.

Lately, I’ve seen so many patent leather looks like skirts, jackets, handbags and shoes all over Instagram and I was curious if I could find something that would work for me. I was overdue to finding a good pair of shoes, so I decided to find a pair that I could wear that are patent leather.

I bought these patent ‘faux’ leather chelsea boots at Zara because they look so sleek and I’m a huge fan of a pointy toe. It’s so pointy, I’m sure I can use my shoe as a weapon, LOL. AND mind you, these boots were from the women’s section (I’m a size 10 in women’s and size 7 in mens! SCORE!).

There’s something very edgy about my patent leather boots because I can dress them up with some tailored trousers or I can also dress them down and still look “cool”.  They bring so much versatility to any look I put together. A problem that is good to have.

I used to think that patent leather looked cheap and I was never a fan of the gloss because it looked like “plastic”. Maybe it’s because I never thought that patent leather would look great on me? I’m glad I decided to give these patent leather boots a try because they have really changed my mind.

What are your thoughts on patent leather? Share your thoughts below!


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