Wide Brim Straw Hat, Summer Hats, Straw Hats

Summer Must Have: Wide Brim Straw Hat

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner? It’s been a pretty fast year already so I’m hoping the summer will slow it down. Schools are letting out and people are already gearing for vacation. I don’t blame them! It’s time to hit the beach.

One item that is a must have this summer is an awesome straw hat. There are so many influences of straw material popping up in women’s fashion which give a very bohemian feel. From handbags, accessories, and hats, you’ll be seeing a lot of this season. Because I take a lot of my inspiration from women’s streetwear, I adapt them to my style so that it has a man’s perspective.

The reason why I was drawn to getting a straw hat is because of how classic it looked. I could easily wear this to the beach or I could wear it on the streets of Paris. It adds a bit of character to your outfit that says, “I’m pretty cool, but at the same time I’m pretty laid-back”. That’s at least how I see myself and I’m glad this hat embodies that.

When you’re shopping for your next hat, why not try out one like mine? I’ve added some brands you can take a look at below to help you find the best one for your style. Let me know what kind of hats you’re looking for this summer down below in the comments!

Wide Brim Straw Hat, Summer Hats, Straw Hats

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