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The Best Prints You want to Wear this Summer NOW!

Did you say, Prints!?

Do you ever feel like your summer wardrobe is a bit basic and could use an upgrade? That’s totally how I feel right now and I’m telling you that you need a little bit more prints to make your closet stand out. I have been diversifying my wardrobe with summer prints because I realized that my closet was looking a bit plain. I mean, I love a good minimal look every now and again, but I’ve been itching to add a little more oomph in my closet. That is why I’m going to share with you what the best prints you should be wearing for summer RIGHT now.


This summer, stripes came in very strong. Now, when I typically think of stripes for summer, I think of a nautical theme. Meaning, the stripes are horizontal and normally black & white, or white & (color). But this season, I’ve seen more variety of stripes. From Vertical to Horizontal stripes to Asymmetrical to Color-blocking stripes. It’s almost like you’re in stripe heaven. They’re easy to style and the best part: It Never Goes Out Of Style. That is a huge selling point for me because I want my clothes to last through the times vs. being a trendy item that I can only wear a few times.


Florals are typically a Spring thing, but it’s crossed over into Summer so effortlessly. I mean, TBH, South Florida hardly gets a Spring, so to me, it works. There are florals that can brighten up your style or florals that are more subtle that most people won’t know it’s there until they come up to you. Some guys might think it’s a bit too “Fem” but it’s really in how you carry yourself when you wear it. There’s nothing wrong in trying out different types of floral prints because not all prints are alike. Give it shot!


Are we going to Hawaii? The Caribbean? Nope, Tropical prints are the hottest thing this summer. You don’t even need to go on vacation to wear it. I remember growing up and seeing Tommy Bahamas tropical shirts and thinking, “OMG those are so Grandpa looking…eeekkk”. Thankfully, there are brands out there that have upgraded their tropical designs and are giving Grandpa a run for his money.




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