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The Minimal Wood Watch I Didn’t Know I Needed ft. JORD Watches

I have a history when it comes to wearing a watch. You see, I’ve honestly turned my back on wearing watches for one reason: I’d lose, break, or misplace them. It’s a shame on my part because I was too careless as a young adult to really take care of my pieces. Now that I’m “somewhat” older, I’ve been yearning to get back into wearing them again. How did I allow myself to be so removed from wearing watches??


Now let me tell you how excited I am to tell you all about my new wood watch I’ve been wearing lately! It’s from a brand called “JORD”, which is pronounced like “YODE” (which translates to Earth in Norse) and their products are inspired by nature and designed with a modern lifestyle in mind. JORD was established in 2013 and based right out of St. Louis, MO. 

My unique wood watch is a part of the Hyde series collection, Ebony & Iron.  The reason I chose this watch was because of its minimalistic qualities and how it would complement my personal style. It features a day-date display with a sapphire crystal glass face (which helps lessen the scratches on the glass) and operates on a quartz movement.  


JORD Watches, Simply Kenjay, Hyde, Ebony & Iron, Wood Watches
JORD Watches, Simply Kenjay, Hyde, Ebony & Iron, Wood Watches

I wear this natural wood accessory almost every day now & it’s honestly quite versatile with my some of my stylish looks. I styled my wood watch with my denim x denim look for work and it effortlessly elevates style completely. I even styled my wood watch with a trendier piece in my wardrobe, which also worked really well together!  

If you want to get to know JORD more intimately, make sure to check out their website at ALSO! I’m partnering with JORD by hosting a giveaway from Aug 27th, 2019 through September 10th, click the giveaway link below to win a $100 gift card to JORD! After this giveaway is over, all participants will receive a 10% coupon code so no one is left out. 


Wooden Wrist Watch

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