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Fall Favorite: Chelsea Boots

Recently, I’ve have been obsessed with Chelsea Boots and they will be one of my fall favorites this season. The style that I like is the pointed toe. They make my feet look more slender and longer and the stacked heel gives me more height.


My advice when shopping for Chelsea Boots:

Size Check –

Chelsea Boots can be difficult to slip your foot in if you’re going to try your size. If you can manage to get them on, take them. You have to break them in a bit for an easy access to slip on quickly. Going a half-size bigger might work, but, personally, I don’t like to leave a lot of space for my feet. Do what’s best for your feet because you’re going to be wearing them.

Signature Black –

Having a signature black boot is my equivalent of having a signature “little black dress”. These boots I bought from ASOS have become my favorite and I wear them ALL the time.

Try Textures –

Chelsea Boots come in different colors and textures. I recently bought a pair of tan suede Chelsea’s from ASOS and a pair of snake print Chelsea’s from Sam Edelman. Step outside of the box and try different types of colors and textures you never thought to try.

Main Photo from left to right: ASOS Black Stacked Heel Chelsea Boots | Sam Edelman Snake-print Chelsea Boots | ASOS Tan Suede Stacked Heel Chelsea Boots | ASOS Brown Suede Chelsea Boots | ZARA Red Suede Chelsea Boots

Same or Similar Styles:


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