Guide to a Weekend Getaway
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The Weekend Getaway Guide – The Do’s & Don’ts of Preparation

Guide to a Weekend Getaway
Anytime that I plan a weekend getaway, I go through a mental checklist of do’s & don’ts. Since I’m going away this weekend to spend some time with family, I wanted to share a few tips that have helped me when planning a getaway.

Don’t – Overpack

Any time I pack, I have to avoid overpacking. I ask myself, “Am I going away for a weekend or a 10-day excursion to Europe? I would love to choose the latter, but you know, I’ve got bills to pay. Less is more in this situation, so plan accordingly

**I use a duffle bag with enough room to fit all my clothes for the weekend. It’s easy to carry and you can carry it with you on the plane. No need to check a bag.**

Do – Plan your outfits

I like to plan my outfits when I’m packing and I use only a few options: 2 pairs of bottoms (I like to bring pair of denim or a more dressier denim rather than slacks & a pair of shorts), a combination of t-shirts and button ups, and 2 pairs of shoes (1 casual/1 evening). I pack at least 1-2 evening looks and keep the rest simple and casual.

**I do give myself a little bit more space to bring some work out attire. If it can’t fit, bring a medium-size tote bag as your personal item. You can still fit all your personal items as well as your workout clothes**

Don’t – Procrastinate

I have to admit, procrastinating sounds so much better than having to plan out everything, right? Until you’ve put off the task till the day of and you’re frantic about what you’re bringing with you. I try to save myself from the “procrastination trap” so I suggest you save yourself the trouble and headache.

Do – Pack in advance.

Why? It leaves all the stress of packing out of the way. I like to pack in advance because it gets me more excited about my trip. I have all of my outfits planned. Everything is folded and fitted in my duffle bag. Plus, all the hard work is done and I can go on about my week without any worry.

Don’t – Bring the Drama

One thing I hate is drama on any trip. I like to leave the “extra baggage” at home. Whether it’s work, home life, etc, it’s staying.  And if I have to, I’ll be giving any drama the “talk to the hand” gesture.

Do – Give yourself permission to relax

I don’t play when it comes to my relaxing time. Just like in my latest post, 5 Ways I Practice Self-Care, I like to use this time to decompress and recharge.






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