Zara, Palazzo Pants, mens fashion, Menswear, zara fashion, zara style
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Weekend Recap: Weird Vibes & Blogger Events

Zara, Palazzo Pants, mens fashion, Menswear, zara fashion, zara style
Was it just me or was this weekend a bit of weird for you guys? I started feeling this weird energy starting on Friday night and then going into Saturday, I was like, “What in the world is going on?” I didn’t shoot any looks to stockpile for the blog or Instagram and all I wanted to do was lay around and do nothing.

The truth is: I have neglected to give myself the rest that I need. Meaning, my mind is running like crazy. “I have to do this” or “I have to do that”. I finally put my foot down and said, “No events, no work, just do you!” I took myself out to a happy hour on Saturday evening and took some time to hang out with some friends on Sunday. I can’t forget to have fun while I’m blogging because I don’t want to burn myself out. And I know how to burn myself out!

Zara, Palazzo Pants, mens fashion, Menswear, zara fashion, zara style, Fort Lauderdale bloggers
I also had the opportunity to attend the Fort Lauderdale Blogger‘s event on Saturday and I had the opportunity to meet Jeanette of J’s Everyday Fashion. She was such a sweetheart and I’m so happy she shared her time to impart some of her knowledge of how to build a successful blog.

She mentioned something that I’ve heard from other bloggers have said it’s a reoccurring theme: Your blog is your baby, so make sure you’re taking care of it. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter – those spaces are for rent, but you cannot own that platform.

It made me realize that I need to focus more on posting my looks on my blog FIRST and use social media as an extension of my blog. I’m learning the balance, but practice makes perfect and I haven’t even scratched the surface on perfect.

What was the highlight of your weekend??

Photo cred: Brittany Bucknor

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